so Darren and I, both hip hop fans but serious white boys, have started battle rapping via email. Yup, we're too slow and lame to actually do it in person. Volume 1:

Who are you home skillet callin me grimy,
keep that tude up and I'll get me a limey
we'll come on down to your neighborhood
ruff you up bad till I feel good
see its not that I think that you really deserve it
its more that I think that you just haven't heard that
There's only one spitter up here in this town
talking so much trash that you just might drown
in a tidal wave of thoughts so wicked and mean
I'll leave you devistated like the town of new orleans

nerves i conjugate, verbs i figure eight, yr mind state gets invaded like kuwait
too much on my plate, irate, don't complicate or wait, i'll bring yr fate
i congratulate, then desacrate, and wit yo ma i procreate under the golden gate
these rhymes are overweight, with my phat freight insinuate theres no debate, cuz, you can't relate


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