the unmade bed, chaotic, peaceful, a remnant of a slower time
hurried as usual, conclusions reached before beginnings. looks
like you sleep on your side, a few lucid missteps in that fold

some leaves on the sidewalk, blown into a pile, no rake in sight
is this the order of things to come, or maybe what has already been?
there's no here in my restlessness or now in my slumber, only whys
overexposed pinpoints of light burning, disappearing, laughing so

symptoms of who



kinesis, not for too long. sitting (laying), perfect tingle of fall, summer lingering a bit longer. bells chiming, ice cream mi amigo? je pense qu'elle est parfaite, mais je sais que cela est la noix vraie. drums echoing off the school walls and buildings and hills. the J rumbles by, again, predictably, archaically shuttling and hustling. sneeze. laugh. yell. "wow, you're popular." honk. scream.

"sounds like a day in the park" or maybe "it's cocktail hour"

windy. arms barely touched. or did they?

birds are the audience, impolite observers, stuck on the ground you are! keys dangling, clop-clop-clop; must get in shape this year.

diesel smell, glass shattered, a picnic comes to an end. there was a bbq, ice cubes hissing on jet-black coals, hair standing up on my neck again. cooler than it looks, but wait till the sun sets. sage fuzz vellux awaits.

repetitive questioning, themes, didn't write back to myself. inspired? another need, not readily available to the senses, even though I feel senseless, and sensible. so many distractions, just as well. O! not again. but she makes me tick.

again in the sun, soaking, basking, back to the drawing board. trying to save this lapse, momentarily infinite and infinitessimal.

some child crying, laughing, calling for mommy. it's blue out.



Public Function ReturnToHere(Ret as MarkState)

Static ThisSpot as Variant

Select Case Ret

Case MarkState = 1
ThisSpot = Me.Bookmark

Case MarkState = 2
Me.Bookmark = ThisSpot

End Select

End Function


and with that, I can avoid the user losing his/her spot on the form (b/c as you all know, users are unpredictable beasts)

hopefully no more geekposts



it's happening...

the fog's taking it's annual breather, and summer in san francisco can begin (as it ends everywhere else)

went to the beach today, which is a rather remarkable thing to say around here. it was about as close to perfect as it gets...cloudless sky, light breeze, sun blazing overhead.

i needed this



so Darren and I, both hip hop fans but serious white boys, have started battle rapping via email. Yup, we're too slow and lame to actually do it in person. Volume 1:

Who are you home skillet callin me grimy,
keep that tude up and I'll get me a limey
we'll come on down to your neighborhood
ruff you up bad till I feel good
see its not that I think that you really deserve it
its more that I think that you just haven't heard that
There's only one spitter up here in this town
talking so much trash that you just might drown
in a tidal wave of thoughts so wicked and mean
I'll leave you devistated like the town of new orleans

nerves i conjugate, verbs i figure eight, yr mind state gets invaded like kuwait
too much on my plate, irate, don't complicate or wait, i'll bring yr fate
i congratulate, then desacrate, and wit yo ma i procreate under the golden gate
these rhymes are overweight, with my phat freight insinuate theres no debate, cuz, you can't relate