Room with a view

Not your average cocktail

Claritin + Zyrtec + Allivert = Crack

I was a loopy mess yesterday, which is far better than a drippy, sneezy, headachey mess. The birds and bees and shrubs and trees are really gettin it on, at the expense of my sinuses. I'm all for getting it on, but really, mother nature needs to use some self-control.

Never thought i'd be psyched for the fog to return, but today the cool, humid SF air was a relief.

I need to start writing some more meaningful stuff. This damn CFA is sucking the creativity out of me. Hopefully Israel will provide some motivation...



Little Brother

"Little Brother is a group that was actually, from what I've heard, discovered from the message boards on the Roots website over at Okayplayer.com, which, on the one hand is kind of cool, but on the other hand, is not really that cool at all. I mean, it was cool that they actually got into the game and everything, but I'm sure it'll somehow end up being bad for them in the long run. For example, Common started rolling with those dudes a while ago and hasn't been right ever since. Next thing you know, he was dating Erykah "Bad Hygene" Badu and wearing all kinds of weird clothes.

I hear Bad Hygene is with the D.O.C. now and flushing the yayo down the toilet and shit so whoever it is in Little Brother that ends up getting turned out, probably 9th Wonder (I can't remember any of those other dudes' names), will end up with that one toothless bitch from Floetry, which is actually cool for certain purposes (I'll leave that to your imagination), but otherwise entirely unacceptable. Mos Def will probably be the best man and also sing some kind of faux afrocentric version of that Jeffrey Osborne "Woo Woo Woo" song at the wedding. Talib Kweli'll be over by the mini bar getting all angry and threatening to beat people up and shit. Ten years from now, we'll be sitting around talking about how good Little Brother used to be before they started hanging out with the Roots."




Perfect San Francisco Weather + 2 Weeks until CFA = TORTURE

(i had an awesome date last night.....probably shouldn't publically announce this quite yet, but i'm pretty psyched :-) )



open the blinds, let in the sunshine and listen to the rhyme that defines the times
it's inescapable, irreplaceable, more or less unmistakeable

preach to the kids who won't listen, show em your ice, how it glistens
the nowhere and somehow that empties itself, nothing but top shelf
wait a minute or hour or day or a lifetime, but don't waste a second
with more of the same game that shames and blames on fifteenth and main

but beyond even, the picket fence, barbed wire, stone cold wall of now
amber waves of pain beckon, seas are crossed now with a click, no more
blink, and the inescapable, irreplaceable, more or less unmistakeable
distant oceans welling up, tsunami, to wash away what doesn't belong


the way of the world

this man knows whats up

please consider his words truth (and please send me all interpretations/translations)