Northern Exposure

Emily rented the entire Northern Exposure series, and it made me realize how awful reality TV is. What happened to storytelling? Imagination? A doctor stranded in Alaska? It's brilliant, and i'm whining.

The State of the Union address was sort of like reality TV actually. Closer to one of the embarrasing outtakes from American Idol, that you can't stand watching, but peek thru your fingers b/c it's impossible not to. Scary stuff.


So, i've owned jonathanbrandon.com for a while, but my lazy ass hasn't actually gotten around to figuring out how host it. I was toying w/ the idea of doing it myself, but i'm not nearly saavy enough when it comes to security, etc. 1and1.com will do it. SO, soon enough, my friends, i'll have a site. I'm the only person to read this, ever. Kick ass.

is the best nature photo i've ever taken, hands down.